Linus Nordberg 2ef448da2f Add a changelog entry. 4 years ago
.dummy df76da0f3b Add a .dummy file in the changes directory to stop git from removing it 7 years ago
19974 fce425e3ff Increase tolerances in util/monotonic_time tests 6 years ago
20460 9994404238 Make new changes files pass lintchanges 6 years ago
20492 cf2f36b8b4 Test for .git as readable instead of a dir to support worktrees 6 years ago
21359 b928095afc Rework 21359 changes file slightly. 6 years ago
bastet_v6 25c90230be Add bastet's ipv6 address 5 years ago
bug15582 d9e2db1efd Avoid sscanf() warnings from openbsd in the unit tests 5 years ago
bug18100 4473271c66 Fix the TRPOXY typo in connection_edge.c 5 years ago
bug18329-minimal 9f2efd02a1 Minimal implementation of bridge-distribution-request 5 years ago
bug19025 0151e1d158 Changes file for 19025. 6 years ago
bug19869 d288704023 Avoid tor_fragile_assert() failure with DNSPort on RESOLVED_TYPE_ERROR 6 years ago
bug19926_029_info a40d212383 Downgrade a harmless bug warning to info. 6 years ago
bug19960 53d4e89626 Netbsd doesn't have ipfw, only the regular pf transport stuff. 6 years ago
bug19968 becc957839 Actually clamp the number of detected CPUs to 16. 6 years ago
bug19969 add164aa41 Fix warnings from 6 years ago
bug20059 ec5fe41209 Avoid a double-mark bug when makring a pending circuit as "too old" 5 years ago
bug20085 e4ef9f7491 In, note that bandwidth must be >=75 KB. 6 years ago
bug20235 16fcbd21c9 Try to work around breakage in the OSX 10.12 SDK. 6 years ago
bug20247 16d2bce893 Allow setsockopt(IPV6_V6ONLY) in sandbox. 5 years ago
bug20306_029 d73c671d6d policy_is_reject_star(): 6 years ago
bug20307 bcbb2d111b clean up grammar on bug20307 changes file 6 years ago
bug20401 24b7b922ae Actually free the worker_state_t object when we do an update with it 6 years ago
bug20423 f12aad7f09 don't attempt a resolve when the cached answer will do 6 years ago
bug20472 add164aa41 Fix warnings from 6 years ago
bug20484 8841a9e396 Create single-onion-service directory before poisoning it, if needed 6 years ago
bug20487 b858452f94 Add a sentence to the manpage about nonanonymous=>Socksport 0. 6 years ago
bug20509 6e5486b11a dir auths reject 0.2.9.x for x<5, due to bug 20499 5 years ago
bug20529 1747f28861 Check every hidden service directory's permissions when configuring 6 years ago
bug20533 e819d420c5 When downloading certificates, check for related failures 6 years ago
bug20534 667ba776b1 Adjust download schedules per teor's #20534 recommendataions 6 years ago
bug20536 5385a023e1 Do not apply 'max_failures' to random-exponential schedules. 6 years ago
bug20551 add164aa41 Fix warnings from 6 years ago
bug20553 9b18b215bb Work around a behavior change in openssl's BUF_MEM code 6 years ago
bug20560 286fa94064 Use va_copy() in pure-windows version of tor_asprintf(). 6 years ago
bug20587 9994404238 Make new changes files pass lintchanges 6 years ago
bug20588 9994404238 Make new changes files pass lintchanges 6 years ago
bug20591 1bb28cecd9 Ensure relays don't make multiple connections during bootstrap 6 years ago
bug20593 864c42f4d6 Count HTTP 503 as a download failure. 6 years ago
bug20597 38e3f91c63 When using exponential backoff in test networks, use a lower exponent 6 years ago
bug20613 0ec94588ab Stop logging single onion and Tor2web long-term one-hop circuits 6 years ago
bug20634 44f3563d87 Changes file for bug 20634 6 years ago
bug20638 f80a43d16f Stop ignoring hidden service key anonymity when first starting tor 6 years ago
bug20710_025 045a50e45a Forgot to add changes file for 20710. 6 years ago
bug20715 9bb3bcbc41 router: Fix memory leak in signed_descriptor_move() 6 years ago
bug20716 3b6da3f90c Fix memory leak in bug 20716 6 years ago
bug20810 907cd8a0cf protover: Fix old tor hardcoded version check 6 years ago
bug20864 42ec60ecfb Fix changes file for 20864: 20638 _did_ get into 0.2.9 6 years ago
bug20875 0815f96416 Fix a BUG() warning from next_random_exponential_delay(). 6 years ago
bug20935 ef53526b10 Spell MAC_OS_X_VERSION_10_12 correctly. 6 years ago
bug21018 d978216dea Fix parsing bug with unecognized token at EOS 6 years ago
bug21035 aaeb50b2f3 changes file for 21035. 6 years ago
bug21051 2f589e1057 Use event_base_new(), not event_init(), to detect libevent 2. 6 years ago
bug21074_downgrade f0ed7895ca fix make check-changes 5 years ago
bug21108_029 a47c133c86 Do not clear is_bad_exit on sybil. 6 years ago
bug21278_extras 9f71fde146 changes file for removing compare-by-subtraction pattern 6 years ago
bug21278_prevention 02e05bd74d When examining descriptors as a dirserver, reject ones with bad versions 6 years ago
bug21280 a271ad2a7e changes file for 21280 6 years ago
bug21357 bed94a9ed9 Changes file for 21357: Stop rejecting all IPv6 traffic on some Exits 6 years ago
bug21394 9827574308 Fix DNS resolution on busy exit relays 5 years ago
bug21450 cb6b3b7cad Limit version numbers to 0...INT32_MAX. 6 years ago
bug21507 57154e71aa Reject Tor versions that contain non-numeric prefixes 6 years ago
bug21576 4b5cdb2c30 Fix a crash when a connection tries to open just after it has been unlinked 6 years ago
bug21943 1cdad9782d Add a changes file for 21943. 5 years ago
bug22034 4a9f689430 control: Wrong check on base16_decode return value 5 years ago
bug22245 a6514b8a20 Fix a logic error in hibernate.c 5 years ago
bug22349 f367453cb5 Mark descriptors as undownloadable when dirserv_add_() rejects them 5 years ago
bug22370 ec61ae59a5 Stop leaking keypin-rejected routerinfos on directory authorities 5 years ago
bug22446 b81a2e8f46 Fix GCC 7 -Wimplicit-fallthrough warnings (32 bit) 5 years ago
bug22460_case2 01878fa309 Changes file for the x509 link certificate case of bug22460 5 years ago
bug22490 e3ebae4804 Fix undefined behavior in geoip_parse_entry(). 5 years ago
bug22516 59f29970fa Permit the fchmod system call. 5 years ago
bug22636 7b4585e2a3 Add a changes file for bug22636. 5 years ago
bug22644 12dad5ebf7 Fix crashes on empty +HSPOST and +POSTDESCRIPTOR commands 5 years ago
bug22737 8d2978b13c Fix an errant memset() into the middle of a struct in cell_pack(). 5 years ago
bug22789 b47249e0bb Mention TROVE-2017-007 in changes file for 22789 5 years ago
bug22797 878e0d45a5 Always allow extra file descriptors when setting the connection maximum 5 years ago
bug22801 5361032219 Fix -Wfloat-conversion C warnings on mingw in clamp_double_to_int64. 5 years ago
bug22838_028 ae756f251f mingw fix: avoid "unused var" warning. 5 years ago
bug22915 fca1934c88 Suppress clang4-specific -Wdouble-promotion warnings 5 years ago
bug22916_027 3cec1783b7 Fix compiler warnings with openssl-scrypt/libscrypt test on clang 5 years ago
bug23030_029 32b9edeb91 Fix build warnings from Coverity related to our BUG macro 5 years ago
bug23081 3e68db02c4 In ntmain, call set_main_thread() before running the loop. 5 years ago
bug23291 b943cedf34 changes file for bug 23291 5 years ago
bug23318 14b0bba06e Use node counts in networks with all zero-bandwidths 5 years ago
bug23470 c86013291b Stop relays calling directory_fetches_from_authorities on dir downloads 5 years ago
bug23690 f7222e6d8c Clear outbuf_flushlen when we clear a connection's outbuf 5 years ago
bug23693 c50c98ba6a Make changes in server_mode() affect workers; fix a crash. 5 years ago
bug23874 5bca66be49 Clear the address when node_get_prim_orport() returns early 5 years ago
bug23985 0dc55fb247 Don't delay descriptor fetches when missing info needed for circuits 5 years ago
bug24167 95238eb917 Fix a traceback when closing a blocked connection "immediately". 5 years ago
bug24170 fcaa4ab824 Actually log the total bandwidth in compute_weighted_bandwidths() 5 years ago
bug24198 7461cd3067 Permit kill(pid, 0) in the seccomp2 sandbox. 5 years ago
bug24313 3030741b5d hs-v2: Remove any expiring intro from the retry list 5 years ago
bug24480 461e34bb3d Fix a clang compilation warning in rendservice.c 5 years ago
bug24633 accd0ea65b Fix the clz32 and clz64 settings on MSVC. 5 years ago
bug24666 520cf21793 Move destroy cells into a separate queue type of their own, to save RAM 5 years ago
bug24736 09b9a35c07 Clear the address when we can't choose a reachable address 5 years ago
bug24854 1295044dc8 Lift the list of default directory servers into their own file. 4 years ago
bug24895 490ae26b24 hs: Use hs_service_max_rdv_failures consensus param, defaulting to 2 5 years ago
bug24898-029 2b99350ca4 stop calling channel_mark_client in response to a create_fast 5 years ago
bug24952 33d9889a2b channel_tls_get_remote_addr_method now returns real_addr. 5 years ago
bug24969 c4be6dfeab Permit the nanosleep system call in the seccomp2 callbox 4 years ago
bug24978 0dbe3ddc33 Make Tor support TLS1.3 ciphers with OpenSSL 1.1.1 5 years ago
bug25223 e7f6314782 Make check-changes happy 5 years ago
bug25249 8b405c609e Forbid "-0" as a protocol version. 4 years ago
bug25249.2 1fe0bae508 Forbid UINT32_MAX as a protocol version 4 years ago
bug25629 4bb7d9fd12 Fix CID 1430932 4 years ago
bug26007 d465bd27ed Stop logging stack contents when reading a zero-length bandwidth file 4 years ago
bug26072 5eb2d58880 Add a missing return after marking a stream for bad connected cell 4 years ago
bug26116 881f7157f6 Return -1 from our PEM password callback 4 years ago
bug26196 719b5c1d27 Avoid out-of-bounds smartlist access in protover_compute_vote() 4 years ago
bug8185_025 d256d4c0a6 Don't package cells onto marked circuits. 5 years ago
coveralls d3ff126309 Add support for the coverage tool in travis config 4 years ago
feature25313 070eda5a21 Add the poll() syscall as permitted by the sandbox 4 years ago
geoip-2017-11-06 6f8c32b7de Update geoip and geoip6 to the November 6 2017 database. 5 years ago
geoip-2017-12-06 428f8a375b Update geoip and geoip6 to the December 6 2017 database. 5 years ago
geoip-2018-01-05 8efbeb0982 Update geoip and geoip6 to the January 5 2018 database. 5 years ago
geoip-2018-02-07 f1278b7e57 Update geoip and geoip6 to the February 7 2018 database. 5 years ago
geoip-2018-03-08 3418a3a7f0 Update geoip and geoip6 to the March 8 2018 database. 4 years ago
geoip-2018-04-03 1fa396b0a4 Update geoip and geoip6 to the April 3 2018 database. 4 years ago
geoip-2018-05-01 033e4723f3 Update geoip and geoip6 to the May 1 2018 database. 4 years ago
geoip-2018-06-07 ae540569ce Update geoip and geoip6 to the June 7 2018 database. 4 years ago
geoip-april2017 9d7933296c Update geoip and geoip6 to the April 4 2017 database. 5 years ago
geoip-august2017 1280de42a4 Update geoip and geoip6 to the August 3 2017 database. 5 years ago
geoip-december2016 9db47e7921 Update geoip and geoip6 to the December 7 2016 database. 6 years ago
geoip-february2017 f6016058b4 Update geoip and geoip6 to the February 8 2017 database. 6 years ago
geoip-january2017 46aee42cb9 fix a lintchanges warning 6 years ago
geoip-july2017 b6acfa491e Update geoip and geoip6 to the July 4 2017 database. 5 years ago
geoip-june2017 104e8fa751 Update geoip and geoip6 to the June 8 2017 database. 5 years ago
geoip-march2017 4488c319dd Update geoip and geoip6 to the March 7 2017 database. 5 years ago
geoip-may2017 5207e41ffe Update geoip and geoip6 to the May 2 2017 database. 5 years ago
geoip-november2016 9994404238 Make new changes files pass lintchanges 6 years ago
geoip-october2017 2e21493a88 add missing subcategory in changes file 5 years ago
geoip-september2017 09618ffe38 Update geoip and geoip6 to the September 6 2017 database. 5 years ago
longclaw-ipv6 8e52c46581 Remove longclaw's IPv6 address, as it will soon change 5 years ago
longclaw_23592 5d219ecf98 Update Longclaw's IP address; fixes 23592. 5 years ago
more_module_docs 9a3adb07c4 changes file for module docs 6 years ago
prop275-minimal 85cf6dcba3 Stop declining to download microdescs with future published times. 5 years ago
ticket19769 609065f165 DefecTor countermeasure: change server- and client-side DNS TTL clipping 6 years ago
ticket20170-v3 4181e812c7 Update the fallback directory mirror list in December 2016 6 years ago
ticket21564 5b45d73293 Update fallback directory mirrors in May 2017 5 years ago
ticket21953 503f101d2b Enable some windows hardening features 5 years ago
ticket22895 89c0a00a9a Remove unused variables in donna's SSE2 code 5 years ago
ticket23856 8be50ca3ea relay: Change bandwidth stats interval to 24 hours 5 years ago
ticket23910 15a699462d dirauth: Add bastet to the default authorities 5 years ago
ticket24315 80bf270404 Add a changes file. 5 years ago
ticket24681 30e1371675 Make the default DirAuthorityFallbackRate 0.1 5 years ago
ticket24902 9aca7d4730 dos: Add changes file for ticket 24902 5 years ago
ticket25122 51839f4765 geoip: Hook the client history cache into the OOM handler 5 years ago
ticket25170 e658dad625 dirserv: Improve returned message when relay is rejected 5 years ago
ticket25202 e7f6314782 Make check-changes happy 5 years ago
ticket26062 bca8a104b2 Having a ControlPort open doesn't mean we are a client 4 years ago
ticket26343 2ef448da2f Add a changelog entry. 4 years ago
ticket_24801 9464da210d Add changes file for new fallback directory list. 5 years ago
travis_distcheck 6125133715 Add distcheck support to travis configuration. 4 years ago
trove-2017-001 767516680c TROVE-2017-001 : move -ftrapv back into --expensive-hardening. 6 years ago
trove-2017-001.2 194e31057f Avoid integer underflow in tor_version_compare. 6 years ago
trove-2017-005 56a7c5bc15 TROVE-2017-005: Fix assertion failure in connection_edge_process_relay_cell 5 years ago
trove-2017-008 4a2cbea6ce Fix log-uninitialized-stack bug in rend_service_intro_established. 5 years ago
trove-2017-009 75509dc827 Fix changes file 5 years ago
trove-2017-010 2c0487ecfb Handle NULL input to protover_compute_for_old_tor() 5 years ago
trove-2017-011 1880a6a88e Avoid asking for passphrase on junky PEM input 5 years ago
trove-2017-012-part1 6ab07419c8 Use local descriptor object to exclude self in path selection 5 years ago
trove-2018-001.1 65f2eec694 Correctly handle NULL returns from parse_protocol_list when voting. 4 years ago
trove-2018-004 a83650852d Add another NULL-pointer fix for protover.c. 4 years ago