Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Vecna d7beaad560 Don't panic 1 month ago
  Vecna 2e94b4df34 Handle more errors 1 month ago
  Vecna 4eb3204240 Don't output response code for every request 1 month ago
  Vecna a87bd2b9e9 Make most functions return results 1 month ago
  Vecna 3c2bd56921 Get bucket reachability credential with bucket, not level up 2 months ago
  Vecna 176258afe9 Use forked lox repo for lox_utils as well 2 months ago
  Vecna 4e87b13fa0 Test blockage migration 2 months ago
  Vecna 1f155ac969 Refactor/clean up 2 months ago
  Vecna 9f945a05af Remove TODO I am not going to do 2 months ago
  Vecna 10966f39e9 Make advancing date on server testing-only 2 months ago
  Vecna afefe519b1 Update lox_cli test to use different endpoint for advancing time 2 months ago
  Vecna 69953bc16c Test: Compare bridges in bucket to expected 8 months ago
  Vecna ec3cbe4e72 Add readme with basic usage instructions 8 months ago
  Vecna c106ac5ee3 Clean up options 8 months ago
  Vecna 3bc6f3a63f Add unit tests for Lox operations that work so far 8 months ago
  Vecna f825cce0b9 Remove get_cred_trust_level(), use scalar_u32() instead 8 months ago
  Vecna f3fcec771e Update dependencies/features 8 months ago
  Vecna d0f7391f49 Have redeem_invite function also return user's bucket 10 months ago
  Vecna 5acbd6845c Get bucket during trust promotion or level up 10 months ago
  Vecna ae8ca89bc6 Get bucket when redeeming invite 10 months ago
  Vecna 14e012f456 Use Invite struct from lox-utils 10 months ago
  Vecna 4140419cb0 Add redeem invite option. TODO: Get bucket 10 months ago
  Vecna 849ca52f89 Handle inviting friends 10 months ago
  Vecna c17333e5c0 Use a bucket, not a single bridgeline 10 months ago
  Vecna 3b1bb2a5ac Add license 10 months ago
  Vecna 59e6c3b066 Get today from lox-distributor; add days function (for testing) 10 months ago
  Vecna 0e00df2a49 Cleanup: Only one binary, rename it main 1 year ago
  Vecna 0faecae249 Add Networking trait to abstract net implementation from library 1 year ago
  Vecna 20be8ebd02 Cleanup: Remove obsolete server files 1 year ago
  Vecna 00b4e70c95 Only POST 1 year ago