Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Zhang Lili Z 08d15d554e Fix dump command for sgx_sign 6 years ago
  Andy Zhao 1bcdf2ed21 Linux 2.1.1 Open Source Gold Release 6 years ago
  lzha101 3ccaec34f4 Merge pull request #203 from lzha101/openssl_compat 6 years ago
  Zhang Lili Z a12405a2b3 Fix OpenSSL 1.1.0 compatibility issue in sign_tool and urts_sim 6 years ago
  lzha101 3f132c612f Update 6 years ago
  lzha101 049541fa6a Merge pull request #197 from dingelish/master 6 years ago
  Yu Ding ec99334de7 Fix a typo 6 years ago
  Yu Ding 550724f559 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 6 years ago
  Li, Xun 1ccf25b64a Linux 2.1 Open Source Gold release 6 years ago
  Yu Ding 4752534fb2 Fix improper Makefile for tprotected_fs and uprotected_fs, enabling make -j. 6 years ago
  yuyuany 3699ffd5eb Merge pull request #188 from yuyuany/heap_init 6 years ago
  Yu Yuan 5fd7026fc3 Clear the heap pages after enclave initialization 6 years ago
  lzha101 160be9c402 Merge pull request #186 from akryeem-INTC/akryeem-INTC-patch-2 6 years ago
  akryeem-INTC 9f397bb0f6 Update script to look into specific SGXSSL tag. 6 years ago
  Li, Xun cbdce63643 Fix bug in aesm_service and uae_service shared code 6 years ago
  yuyuany 1cac210251 Merge pull request #179 from rrebane/master 6 years ago
  Reimo Rebane d15da77481 Fix linker error due to undefined reference. 6 years ago
  Andy Zhao de141c3984 Merge pull request #178 from avchinch/master 6 years ago
  Angie Chinchilla 406038db39 Update README with SGX 2.0-capable driver note. 6 years ago
  Li, Xun 53c7eae28f Remerge pull request #176 6 years ago
  Li, Xun 159f60223e Linux 2.0 Open Source Gold release 6 years ago
  yuyuany 2ef16f684e Merge pull request #176 from clenimar/mention-source-env 6 years ago
  Clenimar Filemon cabf1f60b0 Mention environment set up to compile samples 6 years ago
  lzha101 cc7b61d123 Merge pull request #173 from dingelish/master 6 years ago
  lzha101 f807025460 Merge pull request #174 from mkow/patch-1 6 years ago
  Michał Kowalczyk b1bc6fcad9 Fix a typo in a sample code 6 years ago
  Yu Ding 4b78988578 Fix to a static library linking problem. 6 years ago
  Haitao Huang 9d8046e310 Check and handle signal interrupts in sockets 6 years ago
  Haitao Huang 960ad91a4a Add error code in oal for invalid inputs 6 years ago
  Li, Xun e22c569335 Update libunwind for glibc 2.26 compatibility 6 years ago