Commit History

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  lzha101 9cda5c4774 Merge pull request #165 from corda/chrisr3-stack-protector-fix 5 years ago
  Chris Rankin 36918f071f Ensure trts_nsp.cpp is compiled without stack protection. 5 years ago
  Kai Mast 94c162c98b g++7 fixes (#148) 5 years ago
  Li Xun 8a72fed873 Merge pull request #159 from corda/chrisr3-gcc7-fix 5 years ago
  Chris Rankin 635e3a3708 Resolve warnings about deprecated throw(std::bad_alloc) in C++11. 5 years ago
  yuyuany 2133df2d4a Merge pull request #155 from 01org/revert-151-ocall_exit_enclave 5 years ago
  yuyuany f2cf6d18aa Revert "Check for crash in sgx_ocall and exit enclave if enclave is crashed" 5 years ago
  lzha101 0356eb6249 Merge pull request #153 from greglaun/greglaun-typos 5 years ago
  Li Xun 2fe2471459 Merge pull request #154 from llly/pull 5 years ago
  Vytautas Mickus 2e00f11ed5 Make code compatible with OpenSSL 1.0 and 1.1 5 years ago
  Vytautas Mickus 95ea2c21a9 Tell gcc about the fallthroughs (needed because of -Werror in makefiles) 5 years ago
  Vytautas Mickus 6e0580d110 Use `uname -m` instead of `arch` in installer. 5 years ago
  Greg Laun 38023b61aa Correct typos in some of the sample apps. 5 years ago
  lzha101 df9b032898 Merge pull request #151 from yuyuany/ocall_exit_enclave 5 years ago
  Yu Yuan a20449f5f8 tRTS check the enclave crash state when doing an OCALL. If the enclave is crashed, tRTS unwind the stack to ECALL, and exit the enclave with SGX_ERROR_ENCLAVE_CRASHED. 5 years ago
  Andy Zhao a2f33d828b Merge pull request #149 from lzha101/add_missing_delete 5 years ago
  Zhang Lili 6979d81807 Add two missing delete functions. 5 years ago
  Dionna Glaze aa8e9755aa Move pms pointer validation before its dereference in local_vars definitions. 5 years ago
  John Mechalas 6f0e20cfd9 Implements most of libsgx_capable for Linux (previously only available in the Windows SDK) (#107) 5 years ago
  lzha101 268b206f15 Merge pull request #129 from dingelish/master 5 years ago
  Yu Ding 1366102364 Fix to a mis-understood in enclave_create(). The memory alignment is mistakenly done twice. Once in urts and once in driver. It is unnecessary. This bug has a great impact on the upper limit of enclave memory. 5 years ago
  Li Xun 8032507348 Update server port to 80 (#128) 5 years ago
  Jaak Randmets d42cd14bdd Merge pull request #124 from Jaak/master 5 years ago
  lzha101 8383b8c65f Merge pull request #120 from aminueza/master 5 years ago
  Amanda Souza 768c951741 Fixes sdk and psw version in script 5 years ago
  Li, Xun 0fb9f47e78 Linux 1.9 Open Source Gold release 5 years ago
  lzha101 199911ebaf Merge pull request #115 from danzsmith53/master 6 years ago
  Daniel Smith a2abe4b0d0 Update 6 years ago
  Li Xun 1095458916 Merge pull request #113 from mitar/patch-3 6 years ago
  lzha101 a4bfecb965 Merge pull request #112 from mitar/patch-2 6 years ago