Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Sebastian Angel a38a0943f4 updating to support SEAL 4.0 2 years ago
  Sebastian Angel 63c3cf0edf small change in main 2 years ago
  Sebastian Angel cc28679812 Update 2 years ago
  Sebastian Angel 5221ebb434 porting to SEAL 3.7.2 2 years ago
  Andrew Beams eea9b2bcf8 Added modulus context switching - greatly reduces response size. 2 years ago
  Andrew Beams 73426d58dc Merge branch 'master' of 2 years ago
  Andrew Beams 0df8e32bcc Fixed two bugs - one where encode_db would read slightly beyond the end (not sure of ramifications) and one in encoding ciphertexts as plaintexts (so d >= 3 works now) 2 years ago
  Sebastian Angel c7916baa05 fixing test bug and patching readme. Also deleting files 2 years ago
  Andrew Beams e8ffad1f7a Fixed a bug in pir_client.get_one_ct() 2 years ago
  Andrew Beams 386973297e Added replace element functionality 2 years ago
  Andrew Beams e90710931c Started on replace functionality 2 years ago
  Andrew Beams b79920a155 Removed files that should have been ignored. 2 years ago
  Andrew Beams a1732b7fff Changed byte-coefficient conversion so that each coefficient is a part of only one element. This is in line with the code as it was written, but not how the database encoding was being done. 2 years ago
  Andrew Beams 1bc6236a8c Added non-private query api (to be used for adding/modifying/deleting database elements 2 years ago
  Andrew Beams 521aa6f55e Minor changes to pir_client api 2 years ago
  Andrew Beams 044fa4cfa7 Minor changes to pir_client api 2 years ago
  Sebastian Angel dfc29d64e2 update readme and add size 2 years ago
  Sebastian Angel b8c9e5c5ae query serialization 3 years ago
  Andrew Beams e8a0ddd2b7 Fixed the serialization bug for real this time. 3 years ago
  Andrew Beams 314e6e26fe Fixed serialization bug. 3 years ago
  Sebastian Angel 8b2d6a2f95 serialization with a bug 3 years ago
  Sebastian Angel cbbc5ac1c1 adding ctest and changing structure 3 years ago
  Sebastian Angel 9e3b886b42 getting rid of unused stuff and comment 3 years ago
  Sebastian Angel dfdc483138 propagating option in main 3 years ago
  Sebastian Angel 6f2b909103 adding option for symmetric 3 years ago
  Sebastian Angel 657857144c a few touches 3 years ago
  Andrew Beams 202c797920 Added a test for expansion and some e2e tests with different parameters. 3 years ago
  Andrew Beams cf6d3c1682 Now all database elements are encoded into plaintexts using the batch encoder. 3 years ago
  Andrew Beams 0c00139100 Added symmetric encryption 3 years ago
  Andrew Beams d10a17fecd Client and server now get num_of_plaintexts and elements_per_plaintext from pir_params 3 years ago