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Author SHA1 Message Date
  Andrew Beams d10a17fecd Client and server now get num_of_plaintexts and elements_per_plaintext from pir_params 3 years ago
  Andrew Beams e4f31fe3e0 Renamed params to enc_params on server too 3 years ago
  Andrew Beams c0d0dd716d Removed now unused pir_param.dbc 3 years ago
  Andrew Beams 9071a3e940 Fixed a bug I introduced in 3da6157 3 years ago
  Andrew Beams 3b4ec66832 Major refactoring of pir.cpp 3 years ago
  Andrew Beams 3da615785c Cleaned up the query building code 3 years ago
  Andrew Beams 144490f9c3 Renamed some things 3 years ago
  Andrew Beams 4999ee141c Forgot to update the rest of the code 3 years ago
  Andrew Beams d90588de4d formatting 3 years ago
  Andrew Beams f5a4a78d31 Added back the serialize/deserialize functions 3 years ago
  Andrew Beams 798098bc69 More cleaning up 3 years ago
  Andrew Beams 4c2a028e87 More cleaning up 3 years ago
  Andrew Beams c78e57e0cc More cleaning up 3 years ago
  Andrew Beams c2c553c1ba Removed encoding_test 3 years ago
  Andrew Beams 187bb2b134 Now works with Seal 3.6 3 years ago
  Kim Laine ccf86c50fd Merge pull request #5 from visvirial/ignore-cmake 4 years ago
  Masahiko Hyuga 609b4f20b7 Add CMake generated files to .gitignore. 4 years ago
  Kim Laine dd06e2ff10 Merge pull request #4 from sga001/master 4 years ago
  Sebastian Angel 8a06be135c fixing serialize/deserialize for queries 5 years ago
  Sebastian Angel 09d61a6d4d creating lib, and removing client obj from server 5 years ago
  Sebastian Angel 0e62d25777 cleaning example and pointing README to the right SEAL branch 5 years ago
  Kim Laine 043aa0b016 Changed version to 2.1 5 years ago
  Kim Laine 496779990d Updated to Microsoft SEAL 3.2.0 5 years ago
  Hao Chen 4aa337db80 Update 5 years ago
  hao chen 2eaafc25f4 Fixed the problems so that it works for recursion level d > 2 5 years ago
  Kim Laine a710178f5e Updated to SEAL 3.1 5 years ago
  Kim Laine 8681c8b6bc Added note about computation taking a while 5 years ago
  Kim Laine c63ccdc55f Merge branch 'new_protocol' of into new_protocol 5 years ago
  Kim Laine 057bc372d3 Updates to README and CMakeLists 5 years ago
  hao chen 0ab6ff3333 problem fixed! 5 years ago