Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  sshsshy 722ac684e5 Patch to microbenchmark for PIROS 2 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar 75c5e912cb DB corrected in simplepir, solves #43 2 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar Melchor 9bfc1cc56a Merge pull request #40 from Mandragorian/db-from-memory 6 years ago
  mandragore 8c02c28cad Add DBVectorProcessor class to load DB from vector 6 years ago
  mandragore df40af7171 Define readAggregatedStream in DBHandler 6 years ago
  mandragore 4713beb163 Make DBHandler interface more abstract 6 years ago
  Kirija 8f6acae0e6 Bug noise amplifier was zeroed (#38) 6 years ago
  Nicolas Amat c9ca19f67c Bugfixes/unread unused variables (#33) 6 years ago
  Nicolas Amat 8dc8f59807 New security estimation - More secure (#35) 7 years ago
  Nicolas Amat 4a0a686705 Update OptimService.cpp (#34) 7 years ago
  nicolasAmat 176d5aceb3 Fixes for unused functions (#30) 7 years ago
  Kirija 475910d63f Merge pull request #25 from XPIR-team/feature/dbhandler-in-library 8 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar ba581aed3e Added forgotten CMakeLists 8 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar 1fa6fc7b18 moved dbhandler files to the pir directory 8 years ago
  Kirija 71fe08aa7b Merge pull request #22 from XPIR-team/feature/improvingsimplepir 8 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar 1ad2f3a1ab Solved bug in cache generation 8 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar 664a7000bc no leaks in recursion 2 8 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar 44bf2537e3 last leaks removed 8 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar 9896cc7a71 solved more leaks and issues associated 8 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar aae505e016 Fixed leak when pushing queries 8 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar afc60f0241 reply generator can be reused for multiply replies, simplepir improved too 8 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar 2c476f742c partly improved reply generator memory cleaning 8 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar a4fb3f3150 better free query system, dbhandler not used when not needed 8 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar 32878e7614 Better error checking with dbdirectoryprocessor 8 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar d639a94784 Less ambitious first test for simplepir 8 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar ec46fba5cd Better presentation for tests, small bug in mkdb-correctness 8 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar e1cf7c1f91 simplepir, more verbosity on tests, some memory leaks fixed 8 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar 089cd82f6a advanced example in simplepir and some memore fixes 8 years ago
  Kirija d6f188e228 Merge pull request #19 from XPIR-team/feature/update-readme-osx-behavior 8 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar 90111e615b updated readme 8 years ago