Nick Mathewson 6961609a1c Merge remote-tracking branch 'dgoulet/bug25116_029_01' 6 years ago
.dummy df76da0f3b Add a .dummy file in the changes directory to stop git from removing it 9 years ago
bug22212-forreal 5a1e0bfcdc Add a category for the 22212-forreal changes file 6 years ago
bug23954 da778f2921 Use thread-safe types to store the LOG_PROTOCOL_WARN severity 6 years ago
bug24469 fb93c6fc51 circ: Don't cannibalize a circuit if the guard state is unusable 6 years ago
bug24700 adaf3e9b89 sched: Avoid adding the same channel twice to the KIST pending list 6 years ago
bug24859 9c2bc441f8 If out-of-disk when saving a consensus cache entry, don't BUG. 6 years ago
bug24927 0755bcc36a Remove a needless (always-true) check. 6 years ago
bug24952 33d9889a2b channel_tls_get_remote_addr_method now returns real_addr. 6 years ago
bug24972 ee5c624beb When a tor_cert_T check fails, log the reason why. 6 years ago
bug24975 fbc455cbd2 ns: Add a before and after consensus has changed notification 6 years ago
bug24976 df312b3cf6 hs-v3: Remove a BUG() when storing a descriptor in the client cache 6 years ago
bug25008 7e504515b3 Always look at the subprotocol versions summary flags 6 years ago
bug25026 162d75d587 Update HiddenServiceVersion man-page entry to only accept either 2 or 3. 6 years ago
bug25070 9656ad3232 Changes file for 25070 6 years ago
bug25105 bbf2d9cf6b Look at the correct protocol for supports_v3_rendezvous_point 6 years ago
bug25116 7ce8d5513b Make circuit_log_ancient_one_hop_circuits() ignore established service rendezvous 6 years ago
ticket24849 75d4bd3497 Improve log when unable to add sigs to pending consensus 6 years ago
ticket24902 9aca7d4730 dos: Add changes file for ticket 24902 6 years ago
ticket25108 c2757c3774 Remove nodelist_recompute_all_hsdir_indices() as unused. 6 years ago
ticket25122 51839f4765 geoip: Hook the client history cache into the OOM handler 6 years ago