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  lzha101 5a7e3e6240 Update 6 years ago
  lzha101 8b6c63253a Update checksum in download script 6 years ago
  lzha101 f010869a2e Merge pull request #274 from lzha101/sgxssl 6 years ago
  Zhang Lili Z 43b8f79721 Use latest sgxssl and remove an insecure flag 6 years ago
  Li Xun a911f996de Merge pull request #270 from npmccallum/gcc 6 years ago
  Nathaniel McCallum 81c1e0056c Remove unnecessary cast 6 years ago
  Nathaniel McCallum 87632f621f Catch std::bad_alloc by reference 6 years ago
  haitaohuang 54cae063cd Merge pull request #260 from lshacham/master 6 years ago
  Liron Shacham ef87f1f4f7 Removed wrong link 6 years ago
  Andy Zhao 1543a82ca1 Merge pull request #259 from yuyuany/fedora-support 6 years ago
  Yu Yuan fb7a0a03e5 update supported OS version in readme file 6 years ago
  Li, Xun 75dd558bda Linux 2.1.3 Open Source Gold Release 6 years ago
  Andy Zhao 4b31cebfe5 Merge pull request #253 from yuyuany/refle 6 years ago
  Yu Yuan 2544dbd729 fix ref_le build issue with edger8r 6 years ago
  Andy Zhao e9a7c096a8 Merge pull request #250 from llly/tlibcrypto_update 6 years ago
  Li, Xun 5d59856dae Update tlibcrypto to add new crypto wrapper function 6 years ago
  lzha101 646b2d37ba Merge pull request #248 from yuyuany/fedora-support 6 years ago
  Yu Yuan c697a4a836 Add Fedora support info to README 6 years ago
  lzha101 08bff79aa6 Merge pull request #245 from yuyuany/no-unused-parameter 6 years ago
  Yu Yuan b588e5d43e add -Wno-unused-parameter to protobufs 6 years ago
  lzha101 0f45cad401 Merge pull request #231 from lzha101/trts_red_zone 6 years ago
  Zhang Lili Z edb18459b8 Fix red zone issue in continue_execution(). And create a header file for shared constants between assembly code and C code. 6 years ago
  lzha101 a31b0b6034 Merge pull request #143 from deeglaze/ioctl_retry 6 years ago
  Li, Xun bd59dc35dc Linux 2.1.2 Open Source Gold Release 6 years ago
  Dionna Glaze 25709d8403 Expose an internal error on enclave_create ioctl interrupt. 6 years ago
  lzha101 7ce7e243d2 Merge pull request #216 from deeglaze/typedef_include 6 years ago
  lzha101 3535f30bd2 Merge pull request #215 from deeglaze/sgx_is_enclave_crashed 6 years ago
  Dionna Glaze 22f9f6008e Adds includes to allow use of some typedefs when in pickier compilers. 6 years ago
  Dionna Glaze 3d80233b42 Adds an API function to check if the enclave has crashed. 6 years ago
  lzha101 7d0a4086ed Merge pull request #219 from lzha101/st_fix 6 years ago