Nick Mathewson 2bcd264a28 Merge branch 'maint-0.2.9' into maint-0.3.1 6 years ago
.dummy df76da0f3b Add a .dummy file in the changes directory to stop git from removing it 9 years ago
bastet_v6 25c90230be Add bastet's ipv6 address 6 years ago
bug15582 d9e2db1efd Avoid sscanf() warnings from openbsd in the unit tests 6 years ago
bug16082 c4152a25e3 Note that bw_accounting is obsoleted by values in the state file 7 years ago
bug17857 6689c95d06 Changes file for #17857. 6 years ago
bug18329-minimal 9f2efd02a1 Minimal implementation of bridge-distribution-request 6 years ago
bug19418 418f3d6298 Make sure we always wind up checking i2d_*'s output. 7 years ago
bug20247 16d2bce893 Allow setsockopt(IPV6_V6ONLY) in sandbox. 7 years ago
bug21074_downgrade f0ed7895ca fix make check-changes 6 years ago
bug21394 9827574308 Fix DNS resolution on busy exit relays 6 years ago
bug22159 6507ecb7e8 hs: Fix the intro circuit max retry 6 years ago
bug22212 0c4751b591 Changes file for Bug 22212. 7 years ago
bug22286 5368eaf62b chages file on 22286 7 years ago
bug22347 a73d0fe9a8 Document key-pinning-journal 7 years ago
bug22349 f367453cb5 Mark descriptors as undownloadable when dirserv_add_() rejects them 7 years ago
bug22356 e3efc076c5 Downgrade "assign_to_cpuworker failed" to INFO. 7 years ago
bug22400_01 32e486de97 Don't expand guard sample set unless consensus is "reasonably live" 7 years ago
bug22446 b81a2e8f46 Fix GCC 7 -Wimplicit-fallthrough warnings (32 bit) 6 years ago
bug22502_part1 c1c938e80c add a changes file for 22626, 22628, and 22629 (parts of 22502) 7 years ago
bug22516 59f29970fa Permit the fchmod system call. 7 years ago
bug22520 63ceadb485 Use LANG_ENGLISH in windows error messages 7 years ago
bug22636 cdb3e17ba2 Add a changes file for bug22636. 7 years ago
bug22644 12dad5ebf7 Fix crashes on empty +HSPOST and +POSTDESCRIPTOR commands 6 years ago
bug22669 782eb02b79 Send the correct content-encoding when serving cached_dir_t objects 7 years ago
bug22670 d8cd68caf1 If a _guessed_ compression method fails, it is never PROTOCOL_WARN. 7 years ago
bug22670_02 7b3161f008 It should be a PROTOCOL_WARN when we have an incorrect content-encoding. 7 years ago
bug22670_03 5537e1fc45 If we successfully decompress an HTTP body, return immediately. 7 years ago
bug22672 9328bd524e Enforce the rule that COMPRESS_OK means progress was made. 7 years ago
bug22702 09ae4fc583 Add changes file for bug #22702. 7 years ago
bug22719 50be4600ae changes file for bug 22719 7 years ago
bug22720 d72cfb259d Patch for 22720 from huyvq: exit(1) more often 7 years ago
bug22737 8d2978b13c Fix an errant memset() into the middle of a struct in cell_pack(). 7 years ago
bug22751 c239b2fc9c Fix crash in LZMA module when the Sandbox is enabled. 7 years ago
bug22752_simple a58a41c15a Changes file for bug22752 (simple version) 6 years ago
bug22753 665baf5ed5 Consider the exit family when applying guard restrictions. 7 years ago
bug22789 b47249e0bb Mention TROVE-2017-007 in changes file for 22789 7 years ago
bug22797 878e0d45a5 Always allow extra file descriptors when setting the connection maximum 7 years ago
bug22801 5361032219 Fix -Wfloat-conversion C warnings on mingw in clamp_double_to_int64. 7 years ago
bug22803 759154b1ad Fix unit test memory leak in certs_ok_ed25519. 7 years ago
bug22830 8de1b94b9d Add a changes file for bug22830. 7 years ago
bug22883-config abb9a5bdda New configuration option MaxConsensusAgeForDiffs 7 years ago
bug22883-priority 0ae0b5aa41 Queue consensus diffs at LOW priority. 7 years ago
bug22892 e111cfcd54 Restore openssl and libscrypt includes in test_crypto_slow.c 7 years ago
bug22915 fca1934c88 Suppress clang4-specific -Wdouble-promotion warnings 7 years ago
bug22916_027 3cec1783b7 Fix compiler warnings with openssl-scrypt/libscrypt test on clang 7 years ago
bug22927 2ae51ed5e2 Fix zstd 1.3.0 trouble: Be more respectful of its state machine 7 years ago
bug23030_029 32b9edeb91 Fix build warnings from Coverity related to our BUG macro 7 years ago
bug23053 9a0f38a349 Fix a small memory leak when parsing unix: ports twice 7 years ago
bug23071 8b5b7d470f Fix the hs_ntor integration tests to work with the pysha3 module 7 years ago
bug23077 361014255f Bug 23077: Make channelpadding tests use mocked time. 6 years ago
bug23078 ff9c529667 hs: Cleanup logging statement in hs_intropoint.c 7 years ago
bug23081 3e68db02c4 In ntmain, call set_main_thread() before running the loop. 7 years ago
bug23105-diagnostic 9c404602a0 Add a stack trace to the warning at issue with 23105. 6 years ago
bug23139 3af4aafbcb Fix a memory leak in consdiffmgr.c 7 years ago
bug23155 72832086e2 Use a single free-and-exit strategy in config_process_include. 7 years ago
bug23233 1491c0d024 Fix triggerable BUG() when decoding hsv3 descriptors. 6 years ago
bug23275 86ee35ad5b Don't do expensive consensus stuff when not a cache. 6 years ago
bug23291 b943cedf34 changes file for bug 23291 6 years ago
bug23318 14b0bba06e Use node counts in networks with all zero-bandwidths 6 years ago
bug23470 c86013291b Stop relays calling directory_fetches_from_authorities on dir downloads 6 years ago
bug23533 e05414d241 Fix several places where md-using relays would get wrong behavior. 6 years ago
bug23551 8d6940814a Better error handling when trying to compress/decompress into empty buffer. 6 years ago
bug23568 1a26c6be8b changes file for bug23568 6 years ago
bug23608 d70a793cfc Bug 23608: Mock time for all channelpadding tests. 6 years ago
bug23610 7f3dc8327a hs: Avoid possible double circuit close on error 6 years ago
bug23690 f7222e6d8c Clear outbuf_flushlen when we clear a connection's outbuf 6 years ago
bug23693 c50c98ba6a Make changes in server_mode() affect workers; fix a crash. 6 years ago
bug23817 f61e3090fb Introduce new guard restriction and use it to skip outdated dirs. 6 years ago
bug23862 d3b7a2bd27 rename changes file 6 years ago
bug23874 5bca66be49 Clear the address when node_get_prim_orport() returns early 6 years ago
bug23908 af33fdd7c1 Remove the length limit from write_http_status_line 6 years ago
bug23985 0dc55fb247 Don't delay descriptor fetches when missing info needed for circuits 6 years ago
bug24086 3bb29dd707 Correctly handle partial success in consensus diff calculation. 6 years ago
bug24099 c8ee12b2e8 Recover better from empty/invalid storagedir files 6 years ago
bug24167 95238eb917 Fix a traceback when closing a blocked connection "immediately". 6 years ago
bug24170 fcaa4ab824 Actually log the total bandwidth in compute_weighted_bandwidths() 6 years ago
bug24198 7461cd3067 Permit kill(pid, 0) in the seccomp2 sandbox. 6 years ago
bug24262 7df28ce299 hs-v3: Fix consensus param "hsdir-interval" name 6 years ago
bug24313 3030741b5d hs-v2: Remove any expiring intro from the retry list 6 years ago
bug24480 461e34bb3d Fix a clang compilation warning in rendservice.c 6 years ago
bug24633 accd0ea65b Fix the clz32 and clz64 settings on MSVC. 6 years ago
bug24666 520cf21793 Move destroy cells into a separate queue type of their own, to save RAM 6 years ago
bug24736 09b9a35c07 Clear the address when we can't choose a reachable address 6 years ago
bug24826_031 4bb831e087 Improve fragile-hardening performance of consensus_split_lines. 6 years ago
bug24859 9c2bc441f8 If out-of-disk when saving a consensus cache entry, don't BUG. 6 years ago
bug24895 490ae26b24 hs: Use hs_service_max_rdv_failures consensus param, defaulting to 2 6 years ago
bug24898 af8cadf3a9 Remove false positives from channel_is_client() 6 years ago
bug24898-029 d21e5cfc24 stop calling channel_mark_client in response to a create_fast 6 years ago
bug24952 33d9889a2b channel_tls_get_remote_addr_method now returns real_addr. 6 years ago
bug24978 0dbe3ddc33 Make Tor support TLS1.3 ciphers with OpenSSL 1.1.1 6 years ago
bug25070 9656ad3232 Changes file for 25070 6 years ago
bug25223 e7f6314782 Make check-changes happy 6 years ago
bug8185_025 d256d4c0a6 Don't package cells onto marked circuits. 6 years ago
diagnose_22752 0ac8f0bde9 Changes file for bug22752 diagnostics 7 years ago
geoip-2017-11-06 6f8c32b7de Update geoip and geoip6 to the November 6 2017 database. 6 years ago
geoip-2017-12-06 428f8a375b Update geoip and geoip6 to the December 6 2017 database. 6 years ago
geoip-2018-01-05 8efbeb0982 Update geoip and geoip6 to the January 5 2018 database. 6 years ago
geoip-2018-02-07 f1278b7e57 Update geoip and geoip6 to the February 7 2018 database. 6 years ago
geoip-august2017 1280de42a4 Update geoip and geoip6 to the August 3 2017 database. 7 years ago
geoip-july2017 b6acfa491e Update geoip and geoip6 to the July 4 2017 database. 7 years ago
geoip-june2017 104e8fa751 Update geoip and geoip6 to the June 8 2017 database. 7 years ago
geoip-october2017 2e21493a88 add missing subcategory in changes file 6 years ago
geoip-september2017 09618ffe38 Update geoip and geoip6 to the September 6 2017 database. 6 years ago
longclaw-ipv6 8e52c46581 Remove longclaw's IPv6 address, as it will soon change 6 years ago
longclaw_23592 5d219ecf98 Update Longclaw's IP address; fixes 23592. 6 years ago
more-files 5641e27ffb Document more files in the datadirectory. 7 years ago
more-threads 250c88014d Always start with one additional worker thread 7 years ago
multi-priority 10e0bff4ca Add support for multi-priority workqueues 7 years ago
new_requirement_pkgconfig fecc66d1e6 Note that pkgconfig is now needed, and has been for a few releases. 7 years ago
task-22207 5b5e20a478 Add "fingerprint" line to bridge network status. 7 years ago
ticket22348 ec99f038fa Improve the keypin failure message 7 years ago
ticket22870 1ff98a7e89 Make consdiff tests pass on OS X too 7 years ago
ticket22895 89c0a00a9a Remove unused variables in donna's SSE2 code 7 years ago
ticket23856 8be50ca3ea relay: Change bandwidth stats interval to 24 hours 6 years ago
ticket23910 15a699462d dirauth: Add bastet to the default authorities 6 years ago
ticket24315 80bf270404 Add a changes file. 6 years ago
ticket24681 30e1371675 Make the default DirAuthorityFallbackRate 0.1 6 years ago
ticket24902 9aca7d4730 dos: Add changes file for ticket 24902 6 years ago
ticket25122 51839f4765 geoip: Hook the client history cache into the OOM handler 6 years ago
ticket25170 e658dad625 dirserv: Improve returned message when relay is rejected 6 years ago
ticket25202 e7f6314782 Make check-changes happy 6 years ago
ticket_24801 9464da210d Add changes file for new fallback directory list. 6 years ago
trove-2017-008 09ea89764a Fix log-uninitialized-stack bug in rend_service_intro_established. 6 years ago
trove-2017-009 75509dc827 Fix changes file 6 years ago
trove-2017-010 2c0487ecfb Handle NULL input to protover_compute_for_old_tor() 6 years ago
trove-2017-011 1880a6a88e Avoid asking for passphrase on junky PEM input 6 years ago
trove-2017-012-part1 6ab07419c8 Use local descriptor object to exclude self in path selection 6 years ago
trove-2017-012-part2 91cee3c9e7 Guard: Don't pick ourselves as a possible Guard 6 years ago